Interning at Hexaveiw Technologies

Devansh Sharma
4 min readMay 9, 2021


Hexaview is a top-notch digital transformation firm, focussed on providing Technology Consulting, Development Centre, Captive as a Service with an innovative approach and latest technology.

It is based in Noida and is a small sized company with 51–200 Employees. With both financial and technology insights, Hexaview Technologies endeavors to provide secure, optimal, and quality solutions to your unique business requirements.

I got an opportunity to intern for them through the CoCubes platform provided to us by our college, Bennett University. We had been shortlisted on the basis of our CoCubes score and I personally went through 4 rounds of interview, each being 45–50 minutes long.

As it turned out, when I was selected my mentor was the person who took my interview. In my opinion, Hexaview is one of the few companies who provided adequate compensation to interns for the efforts. When I joined Hexaview finally in January I had to go through a training of around 4 weeks under my mentor. This was not a training on any training platform, but it was much something which involved me as a student much more. I learned new technology stacks under the guidance of my mentor. I also worked on tasks with and learnt from while solving problems.

After my training period got over, I was straight away assigned to project and I think that contributed to my development a lot. I grew a lot in these 3 months in aspects of knowledge and experience. It was as if when you throw a toddler who barely learnt swimming into a pool but he figures how to get around the pool. I was straight plunged into projects and everyday I was gaining vast knowledge and experience.

I learned making REST APIs. I learned how to make springboot applications and how to test APIs also. I was a part of particular projects as well which helped me gain knowledge in niche fields of java such as handling of excel file using Apache POI library in Java.

Hexaview followed work from home rules and hence we were assigned systems of the office and connected to them through anydesk and worked from home.

I had a lot of learning through the duration of these 4 months. It was immensely educative and enriching in knowledge to work in Hexaview Technologies. From day one I was tasked with learning Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, etc.

I had plunged straight into the world of backend development. At the start, it was a little overwhelming for me, but soon I caught up to the pace. Developing APIs, Managing databases, writing test cases, developing data models seem like the most fun thing to me ever. Before the internship, an API seemed a very theoretical concept to me. But now, I have seen how APIs are made and how they work in real professional projects and also have been a part of the process of making them too.

Apart from technological learnings, I had a lot of other things to learn as well. In the initial days when I could not get through a problem, I got lazy with it and tried to avoid doing it. I have learned now how to get through problems by applying unique and creative thinking. Also, the fact that the project depends on a backend developer and we cannot be lazy just because we can’t get through a simple problem.

I got to be a part of multiple teams for the different projects that I was a part of. It was an amazing learning experience of how daily SCRUM meetings are held and all the different roles that are involved in developing an application. I got to exchange learnings with QA testers, UI/UX designers, Architecture engineer, etc. and I tried to absorb all the information I could from them.

I faced a lot of challenges throughout the internship. One major challenge was being self-sufficient and learning concepts/topics on your own. My mentor helped me only when I was stuck somewhere. Initially, tasks were a little difficult to complete since I had to work in a language I had recently learned — Java.

I hope you gained something positive after reading my internship experience.

All the best to you!